Varför besöka kontorsnaglar och skönhetsnagelsalong i Canary Wharf?

Akrylnaglar gör att du kan lägga till ett naturligt utseende och överlägg på dina naglar. En professionellt applicerad uppsättning akrylnaglar kan hjälpa till att hålla dina naglar starka, friska och snygga under lång tid.

How are acrylic nails applied?

Our talented nail technicians apply a plastic tip to the end of your natural nail and then expertly blend it in so that it matches your natural nail. Here, you can choose your desired nail shape and length. They will then add a layer of polish to the extension and a pop of colour of your choice. The formula will be harder in just 20 to 30 seconds and the nail set takes around 15 minutes to cure. Within a relatively short amount of time, you can change the shape and length of your nails, which is why acrylic nails are a favourite choice for many people. They’re easy to maintain and long-lasting, so acrylics are the ideal choice for those who like good looking nails with little fuss. 

Applicering av akrylnaglar

När de appliceras på rätt sätt kan akrylen ge dig snyggare, starkare naglar i upp till 14 dagar. Gå in till vår nagelsalong för en påfyllning varannan vecka för att få basen av manikyren att fylla på och behålla den professionella standarden.

Why visit Office Nails and Beauty nail salon in Canary Wharf?

Our talented nail technicians at Office Nails and Beauty in Canary Wharf are passionate about not only great looking nails but also about maintaining healthy, natural nails. 

At Office Nails and Beauty we pride ourselves on our: 

  • Conveniently located nail salon in Canary Wharf with an efficient service for office workers and shoppers alike
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can relax while we make you look stunning 
  • Fully qualified nail technicians with over ten years of experience in the nail extension industry
  • Staff with a passion for delivering great manicures and pedicures with excellent attention to detail 
  • Competitive nail treatment prices starting from £19

Acrylic nail treatments

Our fully-qualified nail technicians are specialists in nail extensions and have the most up-to-date knowledge of trends and techniques. If you’re a first time client, chat to our friendly staff to find out what the right product is for you and what might suit your lifestyle. 

At Office Nails and Beauty we offer the following acrylic nail treatments: 

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